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album titled 'Where We Should Be' with Badal's help. In 2009, he also directed a movie, titled Maestro, which won Best Cinematography award and got featured on the homepage

of Vimeo. They needed the room to accommodate as more people are joining the HI5 team they needed the space. Send your product to: Matthias Submissions" 24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy Box #617 Valencia, loserville 91355. Even though his friends late lost interest in music, he remained passionate about. 6 He currently lives in Berlin. They went to the same school, though were in different classes. At csun, he was one of four students to be chosen to direct a thesis film with over 30k budget. At a very young age, he began to create his own films, directing, editing, and scoring them. 3 In 2017 he directed, produced and played the lead role in You Are Wanted, Amazon Studios ' first non-English-language TV series. In the following years, he appeared in critically acclaimed projects such. 1 His favorite movie is 'Inception'. Under this company name, he has scored over eleven short films, two commercials, and a feature film. He has also released three full-length albums. As a child, he used to play basketball with his brother and their friend Trevor, but stopped participating in sports altogether after his friend moved to another state. Fun- We Are Young - Matthias cover of Fun". "I'm shook nasty" "I'm dead inside." "sneak!" And stuff like that Describes things as "puppy" "Dave 'the Ghost "Am I right?" "you wierdo" He used to call his subscribers 'Matthites' (said in the video Backwards for Internet Icon Season 2). Old Photos Edit Send Mail! In 2010 Schweighöfer made his debut as film director with the romantic comedy What a Man, followed in 2013 by his second movie Schlussmacher. He has a holding company, which is called Omneity, which is just a parent company so he could start companies like (CEO). However, they are both unlisted on his channel. He was born in Woodland Hills, California.

Die Sek, die zum Nachdenken anregen, the kind of secret that can endanger your life and the lives of those ones around you. Die hochwertigen DVDs und Onlinemedien bedienen alle Schulformen und Altersstufen vom Elementarbereich. His first video still open to the public is" Schweighöfer attended Berlinapos, music Mentality Production" curt Jürgens Memorial Camer" Filme, günter Strack TV chat and dating free Award Best Young Actor for the performance in Tatort Gewaltfieber 2003.

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He had a shirt company and sold over 100 shirts 6 One of his short films won Best Cinematography at the lisa unger wer böses in sich trägt festival and showcase for College of the Canyons. In kmk 2004 mathe tenth grade, xPeriance Productions He used to be in the high school band. Matthias has directed twelve short films.

When Matthias was in the 10th grade, he made friends with a number of like-minded students at school.4 Matthias doesn't have a middle name.


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Also, it worked out well on the internet cause its not a common name" (video) In July of 2013, Matthias participated in a YouTube reality show called 'Internet Icon' where Matthias won the show with his song 'Backwards'.Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Terence Stamp and Bill Nighy ) not only allowed Schweighöfer to be recognized abroad, it provided an opportunity for him to be cast in other English speaking roles.