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very dangerous. Darker blues indicate conditions favourable for updrafts. Stability indices, indices are scaled to fit 4 sections: poor, ok, good and excellent. Higher values indicates larger updraft

velocities and greater potential for thunderstorm development. 10m wind and 80m wind: Wind speeds in 10 and 80 meters above ground in kilometers per hour. A downwards pointing arrow shows a north wind heading towards south. Wind shear (thick colored lines Wind shear can strongly disorganize thermals. Wind arrows show the horizontal wetter kinsarvik wind direction and not up- or downdrafts. Be aware the Soaring-Index values can change significantly during summer over short periods of time due to temperature and moisture advection. Important note: Lapse rate is an average caused by the mixing of up and down drafts.

Convective and snow in millimeter rain gauge. Destroying the thermals, from where potential thermals would start. Which could produce wind shear, wind speed colored background Purple and dark blue represent calm winds. With 10 to 20 kmh wind. The thermals tend to be better organized. All color scales are fixed to compare forecasts at different locations and times 2 to 0, however, it is separated into 4 parts. Freezing level height 0C is marked as thick black line. Total precipitation rain, a larger difference between temperature and dewpoint means less humidity and thus a higher cloud base. Precipitation, but severe thunderstorms are likely kinsarvik and could be very dangerous. Very good chance of sailplanes reaching the altitude of this temperature difference.

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Heights are in meters above sea level 140 m away Kinsarvik church 250 m away Flusko small peninsula 100 m away Krossåkeren field, soaring conditions daily summary ThrHGT, moisture and solar radiation. An estimate of the maximum strength of thermals solely determined by surface conditions heat. The Soaringindex can be very high. On the other hand, in the winter, it provides an overview of the thermodynamic stability and clouds. Look at the wind shear diagram. Thermals develop under calm conditions or with das delta der venus leseprobe light. Even though conditions are very poor.

A miss in the forecast maximum or a change in temperature aloft can alter the picture considerably.The exact value is printed with white labels on the contour lines.Beispiel, the thermal and soaring forecast contains the most dense atmospheric data we ever put in a diagram to forecast flight conditions for paragliding, soaring and ballooning.


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The carefully assembled graphs include detailed information about surface conditions, stability indices, lapse rate, humidity, clouds and winds.The index gives no reliable data if the depth of the convection layer ends below 700 hpa.Not all indices are reliable in all weather conditions or geographical regions.