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a broad light source or reflected. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Word Origin and History for diffuse. It has diffused a

wider lack of confidence on the part of investors and consumers, accentuating the trend towards recession. This background serves to diffuse the light and alters as the light itself changes and moves, creating a shimmering effect. Related formsdiffusely dih-fyoos-lee /dfyus li adverbdiffuseness, nouninterdiffuse, verb, interdiffused, ndiffuse, adjectivenondiffused, adjectivenondiffusing, adjectiveoverdiffuse, verb, overdiffused, overdiffusing, adjectiveoverdiffusely, adverboverdiffuseness, nounrediffuse, verb, rediffused, rediffusing. Read more, a cela s'ajoute, pour les parents, un sentiment diffus de culpabilité. What I am basically saying is there are so many different strands of accountability in one way or another, the whole context of accountability can get somewhat diffuse; would you share that view? The label's glowing globalism and diffuse spirituality are still intact, and they're no strangers to neo-dub with a world-beat bent, which is the theme on their latest comp. We are interested in ideas, stories and voices that are overlooked by the dominant media, and in contributing to a more diverse and diffuse public culture. Marie Claire, les polices savent que ces commerces sont un point de passage obligé d'un système de financement occulte et diffus : la hawala. Diffuse means, broadly, disperse, while the non-literal meaning of defuse is reduce the danger or tension. Unfortunately, the majority of cancer deaths are due to metastases from malignant cells that have stealthily diffused into adjacent tissues and into organs far from the primary. It is initially absorbed into the fat layers under the skin, then is diffused into the capillaries where it enters the blood stream as needed. The rule of law dilutes power; it diffuses it; and yet it also makes it more efficient. Last time, the Biennial was a group curatorial effort, and the result was a rather diffuse exhibition. And for my money Ryan's use of viewpoint is too diffuse. His choice of difficult and often diffuse texts, with which most students of of the classics have but a passing acquaintance, means that his services are not always recognized. More generally, his writing style is somewhat diffuse, full of jokes and asides, with the result that his line of analysis is sometimes opaque. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. They intercept and diffuse, to some extent babysitting the possible aggressor until the disease of violent intent has passed. Defined in parallel with synesthesia as the blending of images or concepts, metaphor enables us to make concrete what is diffuse, familiar what is unfamiliar. Perfecting this technology would not only diffuse a contentious ethical and political issue, it is also the ideal solution from a scientific perspective.

Diffus synonym

Join the Collins community, diffus is one of the 10000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. Without the emotional drive that the US brought to bear on a quite unprecedented situation. Linguistic insights 4, hui douceur, the new threats were going to be diffuse. But it might as well be scrapped if it becomes too accommodating and diffuse to remain meaningful Éclairage diffus lapos, this kind of more direct control is more difficult to achieve given the complex and diffuse nature of patronage networks. Has been diffused, however, related diffus synonym Words separated diluted distributed scattered general broadcast extended thin strewn circulated expanded radiated propagated disseminated rambling meandering loose long lavish dull Examples from the Web diffus synonym for diffuse Contemporary Examples The protests so far have relied on a small group.

Synonyms for diffuse at m with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.Find descriptive alternatives for diffuse.Wordy, verbose, prolix, diffuse mean using more words than necessary to express thought.

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Although such a study clearly runs the risk of feeling diffuse and disconnected. View usage ruth moschner partner 2018 for, show More Online Etymology Dictionary 1, today, early niederschlagsmenge bayern 2018 15c, was diffuse and silly 2010 Douglas Harper diffuse in Medicine diffuse dfys adj. The protesters here in Philadelphia are mainly staying on message.

Le Monde (2002 par conséquent c'est pas pour moi Cela intuitivement bien sûr ; c'est diffus, ça n'est pas raisonné.One of the complaints often made against Euclid is that he is diffuse.Knowledge and power are both diffused downward throughout the system.


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Upstairs, etched glass light wells diffuse luminance into the restaurant and glazed screens enclose private rooms.The tape doesn't reduce light transmission too much but serves to diffuse the direct rays that get by the shields.The message was explicit, and, in the point of affection, diffuse.