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untap this huge potential and achieve the sustainable development goals. This approach will enlarge and diversify the pipeline of projects and increase the potential pool of final beneficiaries. Under the current set of programmes, final beneficiaries and financial intermediaries often face uncertainty about which instrument is the best for them. This continues the spirit of the Juncker Commission, which has already made sure that 97 of state aid can be implemented without any involvement of the Commission. What type of investments will the InvestEU Fund be targeting compared to today's financial instruments? The Commission also announces today a new European External Investment Plan (EIP). The process is supervised by a Steering Board. The InvestEU Fund will therefore be open to other institutions, either multilateral or groups of national institutions jointly covering at least three Member States. European External Investment Plan (EIP) to encourage investment in Africa and the EU Neighbourhood to strengthen our partnerships and contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Efsi is demand-driven and provides support for projects everywhere in the EU, including cross-border projects. The Commission also proposes that the implementation of the InvestEU Programme should be evaluated through an interim and a retrospective evaluation. Its investment period now lasts until end-2020, lesben the end of the current Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The aim is to help them to better prepare and promote projects and attract more investment. To improve the efsi further, the Commission plans to address the issue of geographical coverage by placing stronger emphasis on providing local, technical assistance in the Member States to those who wish to bid for funding. More information, contact, for more information contact. The InvestEU Portal will bring together investors and project promoters by providing an easily-accessible and user-friendly database. The financial partners are expected to contribute at least.5 billion in risk-bearing capacity. If adopted, the proposed extension of this Regulation would allow the Commission to exempt Member State funding that is channelled through the InvestEU Fund or supported by the InvestEU Fund from the requirement to notify such interventions to the Commission prior to their implementation. The funding from Member States would be declared compatible with EU State aid rules, as long as certain clear conditions are fulfilled.

Efsi eu fund

Small and mediumsized businesses, the Commission today set out how man it plans to video further boost investment to support jobs and sustainable growth. For information on how to apply for a loan under efsi see. Its capacity to operate in all Member States. The InvestEU Fund will be invested through financial partners. Given its role as the EUapos.

This fund aims to revive investment in strategic projects around.The European, fund for Strategic Investment eFSI ) is one of the three pillars of the Investment Plan for.Europe and aims to overcome current market failures by addressing market gaps and mobilising private investment.

Efsi eu fund

InvestEU Programme to support jobs, national and single party lahr bilder regional promotional banks and other institutions which can offer specific expertise and experience may armutsgrenze deutschland euro become financial partners. Can InvestEU financing be blended with EU grants. S contribution, eUR 116 billion across 26 Member States.

In order to remedy this gap, recover from the crisis and strengthen its global competitiveness, the EU developed a three-pronged strategy known as the.The total amount of EUR.5 billion aims to unlock additional investment of at least EUR 500bn by 2020.


European Fund for Strategic Investments (efsi Boosting

Technical assistance under the InvestEU Advisory Hub will address the specificities of cohesion countries markets and contribute to build up a project pipeline.European Fund for Strategic Investments, eFSI is managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB).Project promoters should apply directly to the EIB, to their national or regional promotional banks, or to the national offices of other financial partners such as the ebrd, the World Bank, or the Council of Europe Bank.