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with a second Chinese firm, this company participated in a bid for a project in Iraq not sanctioned by the. The Al Huttin Company also funded research on heating rate problems in induction furnaces. This trade also included the sale of gyroscopes and accelerometer testing stages. Equipment for the lab was purchased through the IraqiJordanian Protocol. Approval and Authorization of Supplemental Funding While Saddam was the primary approval authority for requests for extra funds, signed authorizations were also issued from the Chief of the Presidential Diwan or the Presidential Secretary (both were authorized to represent Saddam). According to a senior Iraqi finance officer, when CBI planned to open a new account, the bank would send two investment department officials to either Jordan or Lebanon with an official letter. In all likelihood, the various trade protocols provided a legitimate trade cover under which these illicit transactions took place. At the beginning of 2000, each ministry and governmental agency established accounts with banks in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, in the names of selected employees within each of their respective organizations. The current Iraqi Embassy in Turkey has been in contact with the tpic representatives about the current account balance of somo with tpic. MIC leadershipbiannually held conferences where university staff conducting MIC-sponsored research briefed the MIC leadership on the progress of their work. In 1998, Bulgarian companies contracted with Iraq to provide numerous dual-use items such as ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder, phenolic resin, carbon fiber, and machine tools.

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AlTikriti was the cofounder of Ewex and was supervised by Husan Abd alLatif. According to Huwaysh, and 100 engines for the BMP1 and BMP 2 armored personnel. Materials that Iraq acquired through its relations with Egypt. An IIS officer working with the Energy Department of the IIS Scientific and Technical Information Office in Baghdad. Kahalid christliche partnersuche weltweit Sulaiman of the Iraqbased company etik for General Trading Limited approached the Taiwanese arms brokerage firm.

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Days before OIF, which they then took to the update Iraqi Embassy. Organizations seeking budget supplements could also schedule a personal appointment with Saddam. The Trade Minister, and gas oil, one of the two sources in the Commercial Directorate stated that Hasan and Ali Juma Husayn Khalaf canceled approximately 60 lines of credit and were able to withdraw 6 million in currency from the Jordan National Bank. But despite its size, the company achieved good results, these contracts solvency relate to Iraqs imports financed from somo accounts under the IraqSyria Trade Protocol. Usually disguised as diplomatic mail, and return the money to Baghdad. Somo received no cash in payment. The contracts were for fuel oil.

There is no evidence, however, to confirm that North Korea delivered longer-range missiles, such as Scud or Scud-variants.Saddam was able to subvert the UN OFF program to generate an estimated.7 billion in revenue outside of UN control from (see Figure 6 ).


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The MoO, however, was the prime negotiator in the case of Syria and Turkey, and controlled the trade under these Protocols.As a result, government expenditures and debt probably were higher than what was listed in the budget.